D2IVT controller

D2IVT controller

D2IVT controller is primarily designed for 2IVT_cablecommunication (control and supervision) with a compact air/water heat pump IVT Ecoline AX-09.

It converts the standard analog and digital output signals of regulators or central management systems (SCADA) in to a ‘language’ which  IVT Ecoline AX-09 heat pump »understands«.

Its advantages are a small housing, an interesting user interface (flashing tri-color LED lights, simple desired temperature setting, powering directly from the network (230 VAC)).
The circulation pump is to be connected to the communicator (which ensures safe flow function, anti-freeze function, functioning in case of temperature sensor failure). The D2IVT communicator has 5 inputs (3 x analog, 2 x digital) and 5 digital outputs (1 x relay, 4 x NPN).

With IVT Ecoline AX-09 heat pumps you can complete your existing heating system, which ensures you comfort in all seasons, exceptional system efficiency and lower heating costs.

For more information, refer to the User manual. If you have any further questions, we are available on info@profel.si.

PRICE: 270 EUR (price does not include VAT). *

* The price includes two sensors and a potentiometer. The price does not include the communication cable required for the connection between the outdoor unit and the D2IVT communicator. The cable can be ordered separately. Cable price (excluding VAT): 5m / 9 EUR, 10m / 11 EUR, 15m / 13 EUR, 20m / 15 EUR.

WARRANTY: 24 months.

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                                                                                                   CONNECTION SCHEME